"I am saving up for a new Mac system"

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Welcome visitor, :)

My iMac is from early 2009, and it's slowly dying (pout), so thank you for visiting!
The power supply unit and a few other things broke a while ago, but Apple was thankfully able to fix it for now.
The hard drive is getting slower and slower, the monitor has regions of white and yellow as the tubes show wear and tear.
To mention a few things currently wrong with it.

The iMac is basically on 24/7. It's how I socialize, do a few my hobbies, and get through my days
More about that furtherdown this page.

It really is time for a new computer

Follow my progress of saving money, or contribute if you want to help.
[Update [1] About 2015]: Find out in this blog post about reaching the first milestone.
[Update [2] Spring 2016]: Find out in this blog post about reaching the second milestone.
[Update [3] Summer 2016]: Find out in this blog post about reaching the third milestone.

Saving up every penny, but you can help

People like my parents and friends are amazing, with their support and contributions.
And if you wish to help me reach my goal of a new Mac system a little faster,
you are free to give me a personal gift of any reasonable size.



Total costs made so far since start of this project

May '15 - Domain €27 @ Namecheap
May '15 - Hosting €30 @ RAMNode

May '16 - Domain €30 @ Namecheap
May '16 - Hosting €30 @ RAMNode

Piggy Bank

Total amount in the piggy banks (saved so far)

May '15 -> May '17 - €3350 @ Bank-savings
May '15 -> May '17 - €150 @ Cash-savings


(€-392 still to go)


The expected cost of the new computer



(Assuming €3108)

Why Mac?

One Family
My mobile devices, friends & family their devices, we are basically all Apple users. The way OSX and iOS work as one family is a huge convenience.

My online social life is bigger than my offline one. I sleep different hours than you. This is the way I socialize, which is important for various reasons.

From playing guitar to some coding, it's all exciting to me. Mac products provide me with the tools in a user-friendly way that I've never experienced before. It's made me enjoy my hobbies so much more.

The quality of the screen, the ability to get sharp text and images upon re-sizing, in various resolutions. Together with the amazing accessibility support OSX offers, this is the best I've experienced with my poor eyes, ever.